Conference & Workshop

2018 Spring POSTECH PMI Number Theory Seminar

Date: 2018 Mar 21 - May 23
Place: Math.Bldg.404
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2018 Spring POSTECH PMI Number Theory Seminar

Date: March 21 - May 23
Venue: Room4004, Mathematical Science building, POSTECH


Mar 21 Cho Sumgmun(POSTECH)
Abstract: Siegel series and an application to the lattice counting problem

April 4 Min Lee(University of Bristol)
Abstract: A conjectural extension of Hecke's converse theorem

April 11 Cecilia Busuioc(Queen Mary University of London)
Abstract: K-theory and Modelar Symbols

April 25 Joachim Koenig(KAIST)
Abstract: Finiteness results for Hilbert's irreducibility theorem

May 9 Keunyoung Jeong(SNU)
Abstract: Selmer Ranks of Twists of Elliptic Curves over Number Field

May 23 Chul-hee Lee(Korea Institute for Advanced Study)
Abstract: Computer implementation of katsurada's formula for Siegel-Eisenstein series

YoungJu Choie(POSTECH)
Jeehoon Park(POSTECH)

Seonmi Hwang(, +82-54-279-5510)