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[PMI Number Theory Reading seminar] - Etale cohomology of number fields

Date: 2017 May 4 17:00 - 00:00
Speaker: Hwajong Yoo (IBS-CGP)
Place: Math.Bldg.404
첨부파일: poster_Dr. Hwajong Yoo.pdf
PMI Number Theory Reading seminar

Hwajong Yoo(IBS-CGP)

March 9 – June 29, 2017 every Thursday
5pm, Math.Bldg.404

*Titel: Etale cohomology of number fields

The main goal of this series of lectures will be to present several types of duality in number theory using
etale cohomology language. We will closely follow the paper, Notes on etale cohomology of number fields, by Mazur.
It will be helpful if you are familiar with algebraic number theory, group cohomology,
and general sheaf cohomology theory (e.g. Chapter 3 of Hartshorne's book).
(Several useful references can be found in http://sites.google.com/site/hwajong/seminar.)
If some of those are necessary during the lecture, I will take them for granted.

YoungJu Choie(yjc@postech.ac.kr)
Eunju Seo(seunju@postech.ac.kr)