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[PMI Number Theory Seminar] - Types and their applications

Date: 2017 Apr 18 17:10 - 00:00
Speaker: Ju-Lee Kim (MIT)
Place: Math.Bldg. 404
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PMI Number Theory Seminar

*Speaker: Ju-Lee Kim(MIT)

*Date: April 18(Tue), 2017
*Time: 17:10~
*Place: Math.Bldg.404

*Title: Types and their applications
Representations of open compact subgroups play a fundamental role in studying representations of $p$-adic groups and their covering groups. We give an overview of this subject, called the theory of types, in connection with harmonic analysis. We will also discuss some explicit construction and their applications

*Contract: Eunju Seo(seunju@posteach.ac.kr)