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[POSTECH-PMI Number Theory Seminar] - Recurrence in dynamical systems

Date: 2017 Sep 13 16:30 - 18:30
Speaker: Younghwan Son (POSTECH)
Place: Math.Bldg.313
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[POSTECH-PMI Number Theory Seminar]

Speaker: Younghwan Son(POSTECH)

Date&Time: 2017.09.13(Wed), 16:30-
Place: Math.bldg. 313

Title: Recurrence in dynamical systems

Sarkozy proved that if a set E of natural numbers is of positive upper density, then the set of difference E - E has combinatorially (or arithmetically) rich structures. With the help of ergodic method initiated by Furstenberg, various recurrence results in dynamical systems provide a new tool to deduce the combinatorial structures inherent in large subsets of integers. In this talk we will discuss recent recurrence results involving prime numbers which allow new combinatorial applications.

Prof. YoungJu Choie(yjc@postech.ac.kr)
Eunju Seo