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[POSTECH-PMI Number Theory Seminar] - Value distribution of L-functions

Date: 2017 Nov 22 16:30 - 18:30
Speaker: Yoonbok Lee (Incheon National University)
Place: Math.Bldg.404
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POSTECH-PMI Number Theory Seminar

*Speaker: Yoonbok Lee(Incheon National University)
*Date&Time: 2017.11.22(Wed)16:30-18:30
*Place: Math.Bldg.404

*Title: Value distribution of L-functions

In this talk, we introduce several topics in the value distribution theory of L-functions, such as (joint) universality theorems, zero density estimates for (a linear combination of) L-functions, or a-values of L-functions.

YoungJu Choie(yjc@postech.ac.kr)
Jeehoon Park(jeehoonpark@postech.ac.kr)

Eunju Seo(seunju@postech.ac.kr, 279-5510)