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[PMI Number Theory Seminar] - Diophantine approximation on manifolds

Date: 2017 Nov 1 14:00 - 15:00
Speaker: Mumtaz Hussain (La Trobe University)
Place: Math.Bldg.313
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PMI Number Theory Seminar

*Speaker: Mumtaz Hussain(La Trobe University, Australia)
*Date&Time: 2017.11.01(Wed), 14:00-15:00
*Place: Math.Bldg.313

*Title: Diophantine approximation on manifolds

The well-known theorems of Khintchine and Jarnik in Diophantine approximation provide a comprehensive description of the measure-theoretic properties of real numbers approximable by rational numbers with a given error. Various generalisations of these fundamental results have been obtained for other settings, in particular, for curves and more generally manifolds. In this talk, I will explain my recent Jarnik type results for a parabola in homogeneous settings. This result is the first of its kind.

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