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[Number Theory Intensive Lecture by Prof. John Coates] - The Oldest Problem

Date: 2017 Nov 7 17:00 - 18:30
Speaker: John Coates (Univ. of Cambridge & POSTECH)
Place: Math.bldg. 404
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[Number Theory Intensive Lecture by Prof. John Coates]

Title: The Oldest Problem

Speaker: John Coates(Univ. of Cambridge & POSTECH)

Date&Time: 2017.11.04(Tue), 17:00~18:30
Place: Math. Bldg. 404

Abstract: The written history of the congruent number problem goes
back over 1000 years. The first key case of it was solved by Fermat, and
led him to conjecture his "Last Theorem". The problem also provides
the oldest example of an arithmetic phenomena which can only be
explained, still conjecturally, in terms of L-functions. The lectures will
rapidly recall earlier work on the problem, and then discuss some recent
work related to a conjecture of Dorian Goldfield.

Contact: (054)279-2712, Department Office of Mathematics