Lectures & Talks

Lecture series2019-02-11~14The Langlands Conjectures and L-Functions Sol Friedberg (Boston) / Lei Zhang ( Singapore) 2019.02.11-14
Seminar2018-10-11 Period functions for automorphic forms for infini..Anke Pohl(University of Bremen)2018-10-11
Seminar2018-10-18 Number fields generated by cyclotomic Hecke L-val..ByungHeup Jun(UNIST)2018-10-18
Seminar2019.05.16_2019 Spring POSTECH PMI Number Theory SeminarChol Park2019.05.16
Seminar2019.09.18_2019 Fall POSTECH PMI Number Theory SeminarClifford Blakestad (POSTECH)2019.09.18
Seminar2019.12.04_2019 Fall POSTECH PMI Number Theory SeminarDong Uk Lee (Chungbuk University)2019.12.04
Lecture series2019.07.15-18 BRL-PMI Intensive Lecture series imgDong Uk Lee(Chungbuk Univ.) 2019.07.15-07.18
Seminar2019.05.02_2019 Spring POSTECH PMI Number Theory SeminarHenry Kim2019.05.02
Lecture series2019.02.27~03.02 The rational cuspidal group of J_0(N) Hwajong Yoo (SNU) 2019-02-27~03-02
Seminar2018-11-22 Splitting primes of certain number fieldsHwaJong Yoo(SNU)2018-11-22
Seminar2019.10.16_2019 Fall POSTECH PMI Number Theory SeminarJaehoon Lee (KAIST)2019.10.16
Lecture series2019.06.02-03 BRL-PMI Intensive Lecture seriesJan Bruinier (TU Darmstadt) / Winfried Kohnen (Univ. of Heidelberg)2019.06.02-03
Seminar2019.05.23_2019 Spring POSTECH PMI Number Theory SeminarJangwon Ju2019.05.23
Seminar2019.03.14_2019 Spring POSTECH PMI Number Theory SeminarJunhwa Choi (KIAS)2019.03.14
Seminar2018-12-06 Rational points and motives of moduli spaces of v..Kyoung-Seog Lee(IBS-CGP)2018-12-06
Seminar2019.10.23_2019 Fall POSTECH PMI Number Theory SeminarMin Lee (University of Bristol)2019.10.23
Lecture series2019.02.25~02.26 remarks on motivesOwen Patashnick (Kings College)2019.02.25~02.26
Lecture series2019.08.12-.08.23 BRL-PMI Intensive Lecture series imgProf A. Skorobogatov (Imperial College London), Prof F. Xu (Capital Normal University) 2019.08.12-08.23
Lecture series2019-1-21~25 Factorization homology and number theory over f..Quoc P. Ho (IST, Austria)2019-1-21,22,24,25
Seminar2019.04.25_2019 Spring POSTECH PMI Number Theory SeminarSanghoon Kwon2019.04.25