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Title2019.07.04_ Number Theory Seminar_Around Andre--Oort Conjecture and Functional Transcendence
SpeakerWong, Kwok-Kin(KIAS)

Date: 2019.07.04(Tue) 14:00-16:00

Place: Math Bldg.404 , POSTECH

Speaker: Wong, Kwok-Kin(KIAS)

Title: Around Andre--Oort Conjecture and Functional Transcendence

The celebrated Andr'e--Oort conjecture for $mathcal{A}_g$ has
recently been solved thanks to a series of works of many scholars via
the so called Pila-Zannier strategy. In this talk, we give a soft
introduction to the main ideas and tools used in the solution. These
in particular include o-minimality, hyperbolic Ax--Lindemann
conjecture and the size of Galois orbits of special points. Many of
these ideas have strong connection to functional transcendence theory,
so we would also like to mention such link if time permits.