Lectures & Talks

TypeLecture series
Title2019-1-21~25 Factorization homology and number theory over function fields
SpeakerQuoc P. Ho (IST, Austria)


: Factorization homology and number theory over function fields 


: The theory of factorization algebras has its root in vertex algebras and was first formulated in the beautiful language of algebraic geometry in the case of curves by Beilinson and Drinfeld.  It was then further developed and generalized by Francis, Gaitsgory, and Lurie etc. and has since found many applications in geometric representation theory and number theory over function fields.  In this lecture series, after an introduction to the subject, we will sketch two applications of the theory:
1. Weil's Tamagawa number 1 conjecture over function fields (work of Gaitsgory and Lurie)
2. Cohomology of generalized configuration spaces (work of the speaker).​


2019/1/21(Mon) 14:00-14:50, 15:20-16:10

2019/1/22(Tues) 14:00-14:50, 15:20-16:10

2019/1/24(Thurs) 14:00-14:50, 15:20-16:10

2019/1/25(Fri) 14:00-14:50, 15:20-16:10