Hermitian Program

The Hermitian Program for small groups of researchers

This program is named after both the English word, hermit, and the mathematical term, Hermitian product. The purpose of the Hermitian Program is to give a shelter to small groups of researchers to enhance their joint research in the stimulating atmosphere of PMI. Researchers in the Hermitian Program can concentrate on their research without any hindrances.

A research group of the Hermitian Program should stay for a period of duration one to three weeks. It should consist of two to five researchers. The Institute will provide office space and accommodation(room and board). Travel expenses can be reimbursed only in exceptional cases. The Institute will be able to support one group a month on the average. The obligation of a research group of Hermitian Program is to give talks on its research during the stay at PMI.

Applications can be made at any time, preferably six weeks before the planned stay. Decision making takes usually about three weeks. Applicants should submit a short description of the joint project, a curriculum vitae and a list of publications in the last five years of each group member, and dates for the proposed visit. Applications should be sent to the Director of the Institute, preferably by e-mail to pmi@postech.ac.kr, with attachments in pdf format. The Institute will consider all areas of mathematics. The areas related to the research of the regular faculty members of PMI will be given preference.