About PMI

About PMI

Pohang Mathematics Institute (PMI) was established at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) in 2007 in order to enhance collaborative researches in mathematical sciences. The principal activities of PMI will be the following:
(1) PMI hosts distinguished mathematicians to give their intensive lectures for young mathematicians, so that they share important ideas on main mathematical research problems with other mathematicians.

(2) PMI acts substantially as a center for postdoctral training.

(3) PMI serves as a comfortable site for collaborative researches. PMI hosts a number of short-term visitors all around the world.

(4) PMI serves as a research hub for researchers of diverse areas to communicate, which promotes and advances interdisciplinary researches on mathematical sciences.

(5) PMI serves as a site for conferences, workshops, seminars, schools for graduate students, young Ph.D.’s, and so forth.

(6) PMI plays a role of brodening public understanding of mathematical sciences