TitleBRL-PMI Research Assistant Professor and Postdoctoral Fellow Position at POSTECH2018-09-17 11:03:24
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포항공과대학교(POSTECH) BRL-PMI 연구 조교수(비전임) 및 박사후 연구원 모집공고

포항공과대학교(POSTECH) 포항수학연구소(PMI)에서는 박사후 연구원을 아래와 같이 모집합니다.

  1. 직위명: 포항공과대학교(POSTECH) BRL-PMI 박사후연구원

  2. 임용예정일: 2019년 3월 또는 8월부터 (협의가능)

  3. 초빙분야: Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry, and related topics
  4. 대우

가. 임용기간: 1년+재계약 가능 (최대 총 3년)
나. 연봉: 비전임연구조교수: 최소 4,200만원+4대보험
              박사후연구원:    최소 3,600만원+4대보험

     5. 초빙인원: O 명

     6. 제출서류

가. 응모의사를 밝히는 편지
나. 이력서 (별도 양식 없음: 논문 및 저서목록 포함)
다. 연구소개서 (별도 양식 없음: 연구 활동 및 연구계획 포함)
라. 추천서 3 부 이상 (추천인 직접 이메일로 제출)

*필요시 추가서류 요청
★ 제출된 서류는 돌려주지 않습니다.

   7. 제출마감일: 2018년 12월 31일

  ​8. 제출 및 문의처

포항공과대학교(POSTECH) 포항수학연구소(PMI)
790-784 경상북도 포항시 남구 청암로77 POSTECH 수리과학관 204호
Fax: +82-54-279-5509
Office: +82-54-279-5510 


BRL-PMI Research Assistant Professor and Postdoctoral Fellow Position at POSTECH

The BRL-PMI at POSTECH in Pohang, South Korea, invites applications for non-tenure-track research assistant professorships and postdoctoral fellows preferably to start in March or August 2019, but not exclusively restricted. Targeted areas are Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry, and related topics. Applicants are expected to have demonstrated outstanding research potential, with a substantial achievement beyond or through the doctoral dissertation. No knowledge of Korean is required for the candidates who are fluent in English.

The research assistant professorship and postdoctoral fellowship appointments are initially for one year, and renewable up to two additional years. The annual salary of the assistant professorship is at least 42,000,000 Korean Won+four social insurances and the postdoctoral fellows is at least 36,000,000 Korean Won+four social insurances according to the credential of the candidates. The terms and conditions for the positions are subject to the availability of resources and administrative approval.

All applications should include the following items: a cover letter; a curriculum vitae; a description of research; and three or more letters of recommendation arranged to be sent to the director of PMI directly by the recommenders. Additional documents would be requested, if necessary. All the submitted documents will not be returned. The documents for the application should be arrived by December 31st, 2018 (Deadline for the application)

Submit applications by email to,

Pohang Mathematics Institute
302 Department of Mathematics, POSTECH, San 31, Hyoja-Dong , Nam-Gu, Pohang, Gyungbuk 790-784, Korea
Pohang University of Science and Technology
Pohang, 790-784
Republic of Korea
Fax: +82-54-279-5509
Phone: +82-54-279-5510,