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NamePh.D.Major FieldsContact
YoungJu Choie
Temple Univ.Modular Form, Number Theory, Cryptography, Codese-mail:
T. 054-279-2051
Yun Sung ChoiUniv. of RochesterFunctional Analysise-mail: mathchoi@
T. 054-279-2047/5501
Jong-Guk Bak Univ. of Wisconsin-MadisonHarmonic analysise-mail:
T. 054-279-2057
Kunwoo KimUniv. of Illinois at Urbana Champain•Probability, Stochastic Analysise-mail:
T. 054-279-2327
Hyun Kwang Kim The Johns Hopkins Univ.Number Theorye-mail:
T. 054-279-2049
Jae Ryong Kweon Univ. of Maryland at College ParkNumerical Analysis & PDEe-mail:
T. 054-279-2053
Jae Choon ChaKAISTGeometric Topology e-mail:
T. 054-279-2060
Myoungjean BaeUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonPartial differential equationse-mail:
T. 054-279-5506
Hyung Ju Hwang Brown Univ.Kinetic theory with application, Hydrodynamic Stability, Mathematical Biologye-mail:
T. 054-279-2056
Son Young HwanOhio State Univ.Erogdic
T. 054-279-2326
Jae-Suk ParkUniv. of AmsterdamMathematical Foundation of Quantum Field & String
T. 054-279-2331
Jeehoon ParkBoston UniversityNumber Theorye-mail:
T. 054-279-2328
Sung Mun ChoPurdue UniversityNumber Theorye-mail:
T. 054-279-2045
BoGwang JeonUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaginTopology and geometry of
T. 054-279-2046
Donghyun LeeCourant Institute (New York University)Applied PDE, Fluid mechanics, Kinetic
T. 054-279-2330
Minseok ChoiApplied mathematics, Brown Univ.Numerical Analysis (Applied mathematics)
Uncertainty Quantification, Scientific Computing
T. 054-279-2055
Old member
Byung Gyun Kang University of IowaCommutative Algebrae-mail:
T. 054-279-2048
Sungsub ChoiUniv. of RochesterLarge Sample Theory, Semiparametric Inference, Mathematical Financee-mail:
T. 054-279-2058
Kyung Hwan Kwun
(emeritus professor)
Univ. of
Chung Nim Lee
(emeritus professor)
Univ. of VirginiaComputer Vision,
Jin Ho Kwak
(emeritus professor)
Sung Pyo Hong
(emeritus professor)
Univ. of RochesterDifferential
Kwang Ik Kim
(emeritus professor)
SUNY Stony BrookApplied
Yonghoon Kwon
(emeritus professor)
Purdue UniversityNumerical analysis,Partial differential
Yongsun Shim
(emeritus professor)
Univ. of South CarolinaHarmonic Analysis,