NamePh.D.Major FieldsContact
Myoungjean BaeUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonPartial differential equationse-mail: mjbae _AT_
T. 054-279-5506
Jong-Guk Bak Univ. of Wisconsin-MadisonHarmonic analysise-mail: bak _AT_
T. 054-279-2057
Jae Choon ChaKAISTGeometric Topology e-mail: jccha _AT_
T. 054-279-2060
Sungsub ChoiUniv. of RochesterLarge Sample Theory, Semiparametric Inference, Mathematical Financee-mail: schoi _AT_
T. 054-279-2058
Yun Sung ChoiUniv. of RochesterFunctional Analysise-mail: mathchoi _AT_
T. 054-279-2047/5501
YoungJu Choie
Temple Univ.Modular Form, Number Theory, Cryptography, Codese-mail: yjc _AT_
T. 054-279-2051
Guangsug HahnUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigne-mail: econhahn _AT_
T. 054-279-2032
Hyung Ju Hwang Brown Univ.Kinetic theory with application, Hydrodynamic Stability, Mathematical Biologye-mail: hjhwang _AT_
T. 054-279-2056
Chi-Hyuck Jun University of California, BerkeleyApplied Statisticse-mail: chjun _AT_
T. 054-279-2197
Byung Gyun Kang University of IowaCommutative Algebrae-mail: bgkang _AT_
T. 054-279-2048
Hyun Kwang Kim The Johns Hopkins Univ.Number Theorye-mail: hkkim _AT_
T. 054-279-2049
Jae Ryong Kweon Univ. of Maryland at College ParkNumerical Analysis & PDEe-mail: kweon _AT_
T. 054-279-2053
Jeehoon ParkBoston UniversityNumber Theorye-mail: jeehoonpark _AT_
T. 054-279-2328
Sung Mun ChoPurdue UniversityNumber Theorye-mail: sungmuncho _AT_
T. 054-279-2045