[American Mathematical Society] PMI supports EBook !
PMI | 09-04 15:45

PMI에서는 AMS E-Book을 지원하고 있습니다.
PMI소속원뿐만 아니라 포항공대 수학과 학생이라면 누구든지 AMS E-book을 열람할 수 있으니 많은 사용 바랍니다.
단, POSTECH내에서만 아래의 주소로 접속을 해야 가능합니다.

If you are in postech, pmi, you can use the EBook at American Mathematical Society.
PMI supports AMS EBook, so you can use the URLs from the following webpage:

This institution is providing you access to the following subscription based items:

◾Contemporary Mathematics
◾Contemporary Mathematics Backfile
◾Conformal Geometry and Dynamics
◾Representation Theory
◾Journal of Algebraic Geometry
◾Journal of the AMS
◾Mathematics of Computation
◾Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society
◾Proceedings of the AMS
◾Proceedings and Symposia in Pure Mathematics Backfile
◾Transactions of the AMS

The above list does not reflect subscriptions you hold under username and password access.

In addition to these subscription items, the AMS offers you free access to these additional publications and services:
◾Notices of the American Mathematical Society
◾Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
◾Electronic Research Announcements of the AMS (1995-2007)

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