Research activities

Research activities

International Conference Invitation Lecture

YoungJu Choie

1. Automorphic forms and Cohomology (invited talk 50 mits), Special Session on “Recent developments in Automorphic forms”, AMS meeting at the University of Hawaii Manea, March 24 (9:00-9:50), March 22-24, 2019

2. Kernels for Products of Hilbert L-functions, Recent Advances and Applications of Modular forms, AMS meeting at the University of Hawaii Manea, March 22(3:30-3:50 20 mits invited talk) , March 22-24, 2019

3. Kernels for Products of L-functions, Inaugural France-Korea Conference on Algebraic geometry, Number Theory, and Partial Differential equations, Institute of Mathematics, University of Bordeaux, France, .2019.11.24-2019.11.27

4.Genernatinf functions of Periods of modular forms, the workshop onTransfor Operators in Number Theory and Quantum Chaos, HIM, Bonn 20200203-20200207

5. Modular form and Period polynomial, Joint Mathematics Meetings AMS Special Session, Quadratic forms and Theta functions, January 6, 2021 (online): Title: Modular forms and Period polynomials

6. a Generating function of periods of modular forms, Heilbronn Number Theory seminar,

U of Bristol, 2021 03 10 (online)

Jeehoon Park

1. "Homotopy Lie formula for the Dwork p-adic Frobenius operator", Boston University Algebra Seminar, 201904, USA

2. "Arithmetic Chern-Simons theory with real places", Galois structures in Number theory, 201908, China

3. "Higer residue pairing for projective smooth complete intersections", 2nd Kyoto-Hefei Workshop on Arithmetic Geometry, 202008, Japan, online

Sung Mun Cho

1. "Siegel series and intersection numbers", Siegel series and intersection numbers, 201806, Singapore

2. "On the Siegel series", 21st Hakuba Autumn Workshop on Number Theory, 201809, Japan

3. "On the volume of compact p -adic manifold", AMS Special Session on Arithmetic of Shimura Varieties, 201909, USA

Conference Talks

Sung Mun Cho

1. "On the Gross-Keating invariant", Conference on the Arithmetic Theory of Quadratic Forms, 201901, KOREA

2. "On smooth integral models of p-adic reductive groups", Annual number theory workshop 2019, 201902, KOREA

3. "On smoothening of Hitchin fibration", Workshop on Number Theory and Algebra, 201906, KOREA

4. "Local Tamagawa volume and smooth integral scheme", Joint Workshop on Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory around Young-Nam, 201911, KOREA

5. "Local Tamagawa volume and smooth integral scheme", 2019 Pohang Mathematics Workshop , 201912, KOREA

Clifford Blakestad
(Postdoctoral fellows)

1. From complex to p-adic theta functions, IBS-CGP Pohang Mathematics Meeting(December 7th 2019)

2. On generalizations of p-adic sigma functions to Jacobians of curves of genus two, Korean Mathematical Society Annual Meeting (October 26th 2019)

Other Talks

1. p-Adic theta functions, Geometry Seminar, Korea Institute for Advanced Study (November 22nd 2019)

2. Mathematics from the p-adic perspective, 3W’s Seminar, Korea Institute for Advanced Study (September 23rd 2019)

3. Generalizing p-adic theta functions to abelian surfaces, Number Theory Seminar, POSTECH (September 18th 2019)

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