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NTS_Eren Mehmet Kıral(RIKEN, Japan)_Kloosterman Sums for SL3 long word element

Suh seonmin
2020-09-16 13:22
SPEAKER : Eren Mehmet Kıral (RIKEN, Japan)

DATE : 2020.09.16 16:00-18:00

Title: Kloosterman Sums for SL3 long word element

Abstrct: Using the reduced word decomposition of the long word element of the Weyl group element of SL_3, we give a nice expression for the long word Kloosterman sum. This beautiful formula also allows us to write the triple divisor function sigma_{u,v,w}(n) = \sum_{n = abc} a^u b^v c^w as a Double Dirichlet series of finite exponential sums. First classical Kloosterman sums, their importance, and matrix formulation will be introduced. This is joint work with Maki Nakasuji of Sophia University (Tokyo).

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